The HOLY BIBLE tells us, this generation shall not pass. The HOLY BIBLE tells us this generation is the final generation of mankind. Most importantly, the HOLY BIBLE also tells us we are 68 years into the final generation.  Like me, our generation has a white beard. Please notice I capitalized the Holy Bible 3 times.  I'm not saying this generation shall not pass, the Holy Bible is saying it.    

      So, what's new; someone, throughout the centuries has claimed the world is ending. The world has seen enough of the Y2K and Mayan calendar scares to be skeptical. However,we need to pay attention when the Holy Word of God says, and it does say, The end is come, the end is come. When I was young, people would walk up and down Madison Ave. with a plackard on their back stating, THE END IS NEAR! Thank God He has spared me from that rigorous duty!  
     In 1998 I started writing a book called this generation shall not pass, and it was published in 2007.  It was huge and expensive; nearly 700 pages costing $33.33.  Now I have condensed that to a 180 page E book costing $9.99.  This little E book,The end is come, the end is come, is titled after a passage in Ezekiel. The E book tells us what we need to know to survive the two tribulations coming to our generation. Question: Is keeping your eternal soul worth 10 bucks?    
     The little book is primarily written to our Heavenly Father's election, His "set aside ones" walking the earth today. In the E book our Father's election are called the 12%. That is simply a guess, an approximate percentage of those chosen to recieve the seal of God in their foreheads before the tribulations begin. Now, the other 88% of humanity is certainly welcome to find out the truth, but as a general rule, they don't care about God, nor the things of God.
     Let me say right here, I don't care about the filthy money, so if you think I'm doing this to get rich, you are sadly mistaken.  I was predestinated to warn you, and my only motivation is to do the will of my Heavenly Father and my beloved Lord, Jesus Christ.  I am a humble Levite with a simple message.  The message is:  this flesh age is ending. And that right soon.  

     There are three basic ways the Holy Bible tells us we are in the latter days.  The first way is time. The flesh age has been appointed seven days, and very few realize our generation is exactly 6 days out from Adam and the 7th day is about to beginOne day with the LORD is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. Very few stop to realize our generation is exactly 2 days out from our Lord's crucifixion:  and the third day is about to begin.

      As it is written, and the third day He shall rise again.  No one stops to realize the 666 scripture in the book of Revelation positively identifies the children of 2016 as those who will have to deal with Satan.  In the flesh, up close and personal, as we used to say. Suffice it to say, when we do the math, our generation is the product. TIME is not on our side.      

     The second way the Holy Bible identifies us is through prophecy.  There are dozens of prophetic ways we are identified in the Holy Bible as the last generation; including the parable of the fig tree.  Do you know what that is?  You should beloved, for our Lord Jesus told us to learn the parable of the fig tree.  In 3 different gospels!  Why is that important?

     Because when we understand the parable of the fig tree, we also understand this generation shall not pass.  And there are many other ways, through Biblical prophecy, our generation is positively identified to be the last generation.  My little website is not the place to get into all those prophecies, but my little E book is.  

     Young people, do you really think the Holy Bible is an antiquated book of fables, written by men?  That is so wrong.  The Holy Bible was written by the Holy Spirit, and not a word was put to parchment by Moses, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel or any other Old Testament prophet that He did not instruct them to write.  Likewise, Matthew, John, Paul, James or any other Apostle wrote a word of the New Testament without Holy Spirit approval.  GOD wrote the Bible.      
     The third way we are identified in the Bible as the final generation of mankind is through current events.  Today's newspaper headlines are jumping off the pages of the Bible.  Ask your smartphones about the "Arab Spring" which has turned into an Arab nightmare. I'll bet your smartphones won't mention the animosity between Sarah and Hagar, the mothers of Isaac and Ishmael, will they? What is happening today is totally Biblical, and the world is naive to it.   

     The Holy Bible mirrors current events, such as the Iraq war and the destruction of the World Trade Center, 911.  Yes, they are both prophecied of, and everyone should realize latter day prophecies for the end of this flesh age show Israel, particularly Jerusalem, being marched upon by Russia, Iran and the Arab nations.  

     Did you know that?  Of course not, for this generation is Biblically illiterate, and that is not meant as an insult; it is simply true.  Our generation, unlike all the generations who came before us, is not reading the Bible anymore.  We are watching our "molten images" instead.  Molten images, in many passages of the Holy Bible means, "projected images." And many reading this are saying, "Huh?"

     Again, this is not the place to go into all these things, you need to cough up $10 and get my little E book, titled, The end is come, the end is come.  It will show you how our generation is described to a T by the Holy Bible.  Now, have you noticed that Western Civilization, and America in particular, is losing much of our power, especially our economic power? 

     Why?  Because the fig tree, Israel, must be on her own to fulfill all the end time prophecies assigned to her.  America, which has protected her for 68 years, no longer needs to.  Simply put, the United States has served the Biblical purpose we were founded for, and God will protect Israel now. And in His fury, and in His wrath, the heathen shall know that I am the LORD, the Holy One in Israel.  

     Believe it young people, it is about to happen.  Why do you think President Obama and the ruling class in Washington D.C. seem intent on bankrupting America?  Because we must be diminished in order to receive the deadly wound prophesied of.  The first tribulation is Satan standing in Jerusalem, curing the deadly wound, and deceiving the world.

     Total deception.  The Jewish children will think their long lost Messiah is finally here. The Christian children will believe Jesus Christ has returned, and the second advent is taking place.  The Muslim children will think their 12th Imman has arrived. As it is written, the devil will deceive humanity, and we will receive his mark. It is written.     

      I've said enough, if your curiosity is not peaked by now, it won't be.  All I can say to that is:  good luck during the millennial day!  You will not be enjoying the WRONG side of the gulf for the next 1,000 years.  I will just say this for the young people: No one has died, not one soul, since Adam.  The Great White Throne Judgment comes at the END of the millennial day.

     And you will fervently want to live, to be standing in the new kingdom of heaven on earth when the 7th day ends and the 8th day begins.  Beloved elect of God, you need to read this E book.  In fact, anyone who loves our Lord Jesus and loves our Heavenly Father needs to read it.  What about the non-believers?  

     If they consider eternal life in the most beautiful kingdom ever conceived; in a powerful, indestructable body something they might aspire to, then yes, they definately need to read this little E book.  It will teach them what is really happening in this world, and how the final tribulations on mankind will be carried out. By the way, the 2nd tribulation is the wrath of God, poured out on an unsuspecting world.     

     Please understand, God created your soul, He knows DNA, consequently, as it is written, All souls are Mine, saith the LORD.   Make no mistake, our Heavenly Father is in total control of His creation, and your humble servant wrote this book because we are at the end of time. No one, but for the very aged, will be dying of old age. Our Heavenly Father loves us, and He is not willing that any should perish.
      By the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, this warning is now available on Amazon Kindle.